How to Create a Fall Centerpiece

Fall brings lots of opportunities to gather with friends and family. So, I like to create a centerpiece for my dining table that will work for a variety of gatherings. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips for how to create a fall centerpiece quickly!

The fall decorating season spans three months from the first of September to the end of November, and I like to go all out with my dining table centerpiece. It’s a pretty focal point that we enjoy everyday, and it’s easy to pull table settings together quickly if we have dinner guests. 



Quick Tips for How to Create a Fall Centerpiece:

1. Layer table runners to add interest and texture to your fall table.

On this table, I liked the sophistication of the blue and white Ikat table runner, but I wanted a more casual feel. To accomplish this, I added a smaller woven runner. The layers of different pattern and texture add interest and keep the table from feeling overly formal. I like how adding the woven runner to the patterned one tones down the busy ikat pattern and creates a backdrop that highlights the color and pattern of the centerpiece items.



2. Make the most of grocery store flowers by cutting stems short and using them in multiple small vases. 

I have a collection of tiny vases that I like to group together for impact. Sometimes bouquets of grocery store flowers can be a little skimpy, and I find that cutting the stems short and using short bunches in several small vases scattered along the centerpiece creates a bigger impact than if I just use a single large vase.

3. Use an unexpected color combination for your fall centerpiece.

Play off of your home’s color palette. Bring in subtle tones and variations of fall colors that compliment what you already have. I love to use white, green, or peachy colored heirloom pumpkins instead of bright orange in my home, and adding touches of coral flowers to the mix creates an unexpected, but pretty fall color combination with the blue and white ginger jars.



4. Mix in a little elegance with natural elements to create a refined, yet casual feel.

I love the blue and white ginger jars paired with wheat, dried hydrangeas, and pumpkins for a touch of simple elegance mixed with the more casual feel of the natural elements.

5. Mix faux and real to stretch your dollar.

I have a stash of faux pumpkins that I pull out every year to mix in with the real ones I buy. It’s a great way to stretch your dollar, and mixing them together seems to make the faux ones look less “faux”. You just need to make sure you toss the real ones at the end of the season lest they end up stored away with the fake ones!



6. Use what you have.

Search your cabinets and your home for bowls, candle sticks, pedestals, cake stands, lanterns, and vases. Your cabinets are probably full of items you can use to incorporate into your centerpiece display. Use what you have. Get creative and don’t be afraid to try different combinations to create height and dimension. For example, a pumpkin looks pretty perched on a pedestal or large candleholder for height. 

Most importantly, keep it simple. Gather and scatter the things you love along your centerpiece and you’ll have a pretty fall table that will carry you throughout the season.

I’d love to hear your favorite ways to create a fall centerpiece in the comments.

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