How to Accessorize a Kitchen: 20 Easy Decor Tips

Does your kitchen need a refresh?  Learn how to accessorize a kitchen with these 20 easy kitchen decor ideas.

If a full kitchen renovation isn’t in your budget, you can create a fresh new look in your kitchen with just a few simple decorative touches. These decor accessories can be easily added to your kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, walls, and more to spruce up your room.

Slipcovered Dining Chairs in Kitchen

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Sometimes a kitchen feels tired. If your kitchen is like mine, it works really hard, and sometimes a kitchen just needs to feel appreciated. 

What better way to show your appreciation for your hard-working kitchen than to give it a fresh new look. I’m not talking about a full on kitchen renovation, because most of us don’t have the budget or the time for something that extensive.

I’m talking about some simple touches that you can add to your counters, your walls, or your table top that can freshen up your space without having to spend a lot of money.

Your kitchen will thank you for it.  It will feel so appreciated, and you’ll enjoy working and spending time in your fresh new space even more.

I’m sharing some of my best kitchen decor finds and everyday items that you can accessorize your kitchen with to give it a fresh new look.

Navy Kitchen Door in BM Hale Navy

How can I make my kitchen beautiful?

You can add some simple touches and decorative pieces to your kitchen countertops, dining table, and wall space to create a beautiful look and add visual interest. 

When adding kitchen decor, it’s important to make sure you maintain plenty of functional space for food preparation. Since maximizing counter space is super important in your hard-working kitchen, it’s a great idea to look for items that both have a practical use and also compliment your room’s style. 

20 Easy Kitchen Accessories to Add to Your Kitchen:

1. Add a new canister set.

You can add color, texture and interest with a pretty set of kitchen canisters. They’re also really handy for keeping baking essentials close at hand. There are so many different options to choose from. I love these hammered copper canisters as well as these embossed canisters with wooden lids.

2. Display pretty wooden cutting boards.

I love the warmth that wooden cutting boards add to your kitchen. You can display them stacked on your countertops leaning against your kitchen backsplash. It’s also pretty to create a grouping of collected cutting boards on your kitchen walls.

This mango board with braided leather handle is a pretty option. You could layer it with a round cutting board such as this one.

3. Add some new artwork to your kitchen walls.

Small framed artwork is pretty leaning against your backsplash or in a grouping of art on your walls. This 11 x 14″ lemon still life print is a pretty art option as well as this bowl of fruit for a classic look in your kitchen. Both are prints and ready to be framed.

Kitchen with Slipcovered Dining Chairs

4. Add a new table runner to your kitchen table.

Create a fresh new look on your table with a pretty patterned or textured runner. This woven French blue striped table runner is a classic look.

Would you like tips for organizing your kitchen? Read these 25 simple ideas for decluttering your kitchen!

5. Use a pretty knife block to hold your kitchen knives.

Keep knives close at hand and in style with this pretty Farbarware knife block.

6. Add visual interest with a cute three-tiered tray.

This wooden 3-tiered tray is perfect for displaying pretty seasonal decor. You could also use it for displaying coffee mugs on a coffee bar.

7. Freshen up your kitchen island or bar with new bar stools.

Switch out your bar stools for a fresh look in your kitchen. Make sure to purchase the correct height for your counters. These counter height woven stools are actually outdoor stools, but would certainly work indoors as well.

8. Make cleanup more enjoyable with pretty new dish towels.

These pretty dish towels get five star ratings and come in a wide variety of colors. Of course, I’m partial to the blue!

9. Add a new spoon rest to your kitchen counters beside your cooktop.

I love to use a spoon rest when I’m cooking to keep my countertops clean. Why stop at just a single spoon rest when you can have a set of four! This white with gold trim spoon rest set has a variety of uses in your kitchen. They would be perfect for holding your stirring spoon at your coffee bar as well.

Kitchen Buffet Decor
Kitchen Buffet

10. Add a new scented candle run in your kitchen.

These scented aromatherapy candles are such a pretty set. The two-pack set comes in a variety of scent combinations.

11. A decorative vase full of fresh flowers is a lovely addition to a kitchen buffet.

You can never go wrong with a pretty vase full of fresh flowers on your kitchen counters, buffet, or dining table. This pretty white hobnail vase would be the perfect vessel to hold your pretty arrangement!

12. Add a cute tea kettle to your stove.

This adorable white and brass tea kettle is the perfect addition to your cooktop.

13. Fill a vase or urn with seasonal stems and branches.

Floral stems and branches add color and visual interest to your countertops. I love these gorgeous leafy stems displayed on your countertop for a perfect spring or summer look.

14. Pick up some new dishes in a pretty new color scheme to freshen up your kitchen table.

I’ve always loved pretty dishes, and it’s fun to add a few new patterns to your dinnerware collection. This gorgeous blue swirl porcelain dinnerware set would make a lovely place setting!

Blue Swirl Porcelain Dinnerware Set
Blue and White Bowl with Fruit Centerpiece

15. Display a bowl of fruit in a pretty decorative bowl on your kitchen island.

This wooden pedestal bowl adds such pretty texture and is perfect for displaying colorful fruit on your countertops or island.

16. A new serving tray is perfect countertop decor and a great way to display seasonal items or corral kitchen essentials.

This round wooden serving tray with metal handles is perfecting for corralling kitchen essentials.

Bonus Tip: Add a new kitchen runner to your kitchen floor to refresh and update your kitchen. In this post I share some of my favorite kitchen runners paired with the best paint colors!

17. Display kitchen hand soap and lotion in pretty pump bottles next to your kitchen sink.

This is the cutest soap and lotion dispenser! It comes in three different colors – white, amber, or black. You get both gold and black pumps to switch out as well as the cutest labels for the bottles.

How to accessorize your kitchen with the cutest soap and lotion dispenser -- It comes in three different colors - white, amber, or black. You get both gold and black pumps to switch out as well as the cutest labels for the bottles.
Hand Soap and Lotion Dispenser

18. Update your toaster or other small kitchen appliances to reflect the style of your kitchen.

If your small appliances must stay out on your countertops, make sure they’re cute! This 4-slice toaster in a creamy white finish is the perfect addition to you counters.

19. A new set of glasses is a good way to add a pretty pop of color to your kitchen table.

These blue high-ball tumblers are the perfect addition to your kitchen table. I love the soft blue color. They also come in a pretty pink — perfect for your spring table!

20. Cute new utensil holders not only serve to corral commonly used kitchen tools, but can also add a little style to your countertops.

This stone crock from Ohio Stoneware is perfect for holding your kitchen utensils beside your stove. I keep one by our range and it’s generous size holds all of our commonly used utensils.

Summer Dish Towel in Kitchen

Now that you have lots of great ideas for how to accessorize a kitchen, which is your favorite? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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  1. These are nice ideas in the kitchen. But what I need is to take things off the counter, it is getting too busy.

    1. Yes, you certainly have to balance your decor with your workspace! I don’t like for my counters to feel too cluttered, but I do like a few pretty accessories, especially if they have a functional purpose as well! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

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