Easy Patriotic Door Decoration Idea: July 4th Flower Bucket

Need an easy door decor idea for the summer? This 4th of July flower bucket DIY makes an easy patriotic door decoration to welcome summer guests.

Show your patriotic spirit by decking out your front door for Independence Day! A metal flower bucket filled with simple red geraniums and summer greenery creates a classic look for your porch!

Patriotic door decoration featuring a white metal flower bucket with red geraniums and patriotic ribbon.

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I just love dressing up our home to celebrate Independence Day! If you’re like me and love celebrating the 4th of July in style, today is your lucky day! I’m joining 5 blogging friends in our Celebrate the Holiday 4th of July blog hop! A special thanks to Carol at Bluesky at Home for hosting our hop full of fabulous red, white, and blue-themed ideas! 

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Is your first time visiting Perfecting Places? If so, welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m Kim, and I blog about all things home decor! I love to share easy DIYs for your home as well as paint colors, design sources, and favorite decorating tips and tricks to help you make your house a home!

If you stick around here for long, you’ll know that I love to welcome guests with a pretty front porch full of gorgeous planted pots, and of course, a pretty wreath or door hanging! 

Many, many years ago, I used to sell Southern Living at Home decor. It was nice to bring in a little extra money, but my main goal was to collect all the pretty things! This little white pressed metal flower bucket was one of those favorite things, and I decided to feature it in today’s 4th of July door creation! This little door bucket makes it easy to display pretty seasonal flowers on your door, and it’s fresh white color makes the red, white, and blue just pop!

White Southern Living pressed tin flower bucket

While Southern Living at Home is no longer a thing, you can still find used options for this distressed flower bucket on Ebay.

How to Create an Easy Patriotic Door Decoration with a Flower Bucket:

I love decorating our home with patriotic decor, and I especially love it when it’s easy!! This door decor is so easy to create with just a few items, and you’ll have your front porch all decked out in no time!

Patriotic door decoration featuring a white metal flower bucket with red geraniums and patriotic ribbon.

Supplies Needed for a July 4th Door Flower Bucket:

Faux greenery and ferns with faux red geraniums for door hanger

Step 1: Select your florals and greenery.

Red geraniums are the perfect 4th of July flower, and they are the focal point of this flower bucket door decoration. I used a variety of faux fern stems and greenery that I had on hand including asparagus fern and Boston fern, and other trailing varieties. 

Floral foam to insert into white pressed tin flower bucket
Use a knife to shape the floral foam to fit the flower bucket

Step 2: Insert the floral foam into the flower bucket.

Before adding your floral stems and greenery, it’s helpful to cut a piece of floral foam to fit your flower bucket. I like for it to be nice and snug to help the flowers stay in place. I usually use a kitchen knife to cut the foam into the size I need. 

Once cut, insert the foam into the flower bucket.

Use a knife to shape the floral foam to fit the flower bucket

Step 3: Add the faux fern stems and greenery.

I like to begin with the greenery filler. I inserted the asparagus fern stems first, and then added the trailing greenery down the front of the bucket.

Begin by adding the faux asparagus fern stems to the white flower bucket

I only used a few Boston fern fronds and spread them around the arrangement.

Begin by adding the faux greenery to the white flower bucket.

Step 4: Insert the geranium stems.

After adding the greenery stems, I inserted the geraniums.

White flower bucket door hanger with faux fern greenery and faux red geraniums.

The geraniums that I used were actually a small bush or plant with multiple blooms. I inserted it in the middle of the flower bucket and then arranged them in and around the greenery stems to achieve an airy and casual look.

Step 5: Add a bow made from patriotic ribbon.

The bow in colors of red, white, and blue really adds a festive, patriotic touch to this door hanging. The geranium arrangement, on it’s own, works perfectly well all summer long for a classic and vibrant look on you front door.

White flower bucket door hanger with faux fern greenery, faux red geraniums, and a red, white, and blue stars and strips ribbon.

However, when you add the patriotic ribbon, it becomes a festive piece of decor for the patriotic holidays of summer!

Step 6: Hang your flower bucket on your door.

I added a small piece of floral wire to the handle of our flower bucket to hand from adhesive hooks on our front door. Our over-the-door door hanger is a little too short for this door decoration. With the window grill running down the middle of our glass door, I use an adhesive hook on each side of the wood piece. The floral wire is flexible enough to reach both hooks.

Patriotic door decoration featuring a white metal flower bucket with red geraniums and patriotic ribbon.

Our front door, painted Sherwin-Williams Endless Sea (SW 9150), is the perfect color for our patriotic Independence Day decor. I love how the white flower bucket and red geraniums pop against this vibrant blue!

Patriotic Front Porch Flower Ideas to Complement Your Patriotic Door Decorations:

By combining flowers and flower planters in shades of red, white, and blue you can create a festive patriotic theme welcome for your guests from Memorial Day to Labor Day! These red, white, and blue favorites are the perfect complement to your geranium flower bucket for all the patriotic holidays.

blue hydrangeas with patriotic ribbon

1. Add blue hydrangea plants to white flower boxes.

Patriotic flower pots with red geraniums and American flags in terracotta pots.

2. Plant red geraniums in aged terracotta pots.

Blue glazed pots with white petunias and blue lobelia flowers

3. White petunias in vibrant blue flower pots add a perfect punch of color.

You might also enjoy this post about how I created these patriotic flower pots on our front porch!

I hope this simple patriotic door bucket DIY inspires you to add some simple patriotic touches to your front porch to celebrate the 4th of July! 

Now be sure to hop over to Susan at Hen and Horse Designs to see her fabulous patriotic tablescape!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy Decorating!

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  1. Such a beautiful and versatile project! Thanks for showing how to fit the foam into the unusual shape. Truly beautiful, Kim! ~Missy

  2. Kim you have the most beautiful door color! I know I’ve commented on that before, but it’s always like a breath of fresh air! Love your cute flower bucket door decoration, and those geraniums are the perfect red!

    1. You are so sweet, Michelle! Thank you so much! I have enjoyed our blue door so much since I painted it a couple of years ago.

  3. The bucket looks great Kim! Funny fact, I repped Southern Living @ Home as well, and I have that same hanging bucket. You just inspired me to dig it out and dress it up. Love how your whole porch looks. XO- MaryJo

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