Simple Table Centerpieces for Rehearsal Dinner Decor

Make the evening before your wedding day special. Create elegant floral arrangements with these simple table centerpieces for rehearsal dinner table decor.

These centerpiece ideas are easy to create and are the perfect additions to your wedding rehearsal dinner decorations.

White hydrangeas rehydrating in sink, ready to be arranged for simple centerpieces for rehearsal dinner decor

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After months of planning and dreaming and preparing, we had the joy of celebrating the most beautiful wedding ceremony of our sweet son, Kyle, and his beautiful bride, Renee, a couple of Saturdays ago. 

The wedding took place in Crestwood, Kentucky (just outside of Louisville), in the most picturesque venue, Zion Hill Events. Every inch of this beautiful old barn has been painted white, both inside and out, to create a stunning backdrop for a wedding or other special occasion. It was absolute perfection! We were able to use this venue for all the wedding weekend festivities, including the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday evening.

Wedding venue in large white barn with white draping and chandeliers

The rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity to create a more relaxed atmosphere for the bride and groom to interact with close family and dear friends before all the busyness and important details of the wedding day. Kyle and Renee wanted the rehearsal dinner to be a fun and relaxing evening to gather with their friends and family members. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and of course the whole wedding party made up the guest list.

Holding the rehearsal dinner at the venue made the transition from rehearsing to dining so much easier, and of course, decorating this beautiful barn was right up my alley!

Wedding Venue, Zion Hill Events, for rehearsal dinner and wedding, featuring a white barn with white draping and large chandeliers. Tables decorating in deep green tablecloths with hydrangea and eucalyptus centerpieces -- Various wood tables, including bourbon barrel bases serve as the dessert tables.

Deciding on the Flowers and Color Palette:

Since we were using the same venue as the wedding and reception, I wanted to differentiate the decor a bit so the wedding table decor remained unique and special for the big day! We also needed to be able to turn the tables over quickly after Friday’s dinner to be ready for the next day!

Rehearsal dinner centerpieces with white hydrangeas and eucalyptus on dark green tablecloth.

Since elegant white tablecloths were the order of the day for the wedding reception, I decided to use deep sage green tablecloths on the tables for the rehearsal dinner. I’m so glad I did! The deep green color was so striking set against the backdrop of the white barn walls!

Rehearsal dinner table set with dark green tablecloth and hydrangea centerpieces with white plates at place settings.

Renee‘s mom and I work together in a collaborative effort to create the look for the centerpieces for the wedding reception, so I knew what we were doing in terms of flowers and arrangements for that event. The wedding reception centepieces were made of baby’s breath and lots of greenery. I wanted the rehearsal dinner centerpieces to look different, but at the same time, create something that we could use around the wedding the next day. 

I decided to create centerpieces with fresh flowers using white hydrangea blooms and silver dollar eucalyptus. I just wanted something simple and elegant, and this combination of flower and greenery was the perfect selection. 

How I Created the Simple Centerpieces for the Table Decorations:

Since the event was held in a barn, I wanted somewhat of a rustic look for the centerpiece containers. I used 5 inch square white-washed wooden boxes for the containers for the flower arrangements. I found these white wooden boxes at Hobby Lobby, and they were perfect! The boxes are part of their Studio His and Hers wedding line, and I was able to purchase them when they were 40% off.

White-washed wooden vases for centerpieces

The white boxes were perfect containers for the arrangements and looked beautiful sitting on the deep green tablecloths! I originally wanted to use a natural wood color for the boxes; however, the natural wood version of these boxes had too much of a pinkish-red cast, so I chose the weathered white-wash look instead.

The wood boxes were not leak-proof, so I used plastic freezer bags to create a waterproof barrier inside of each box. 

Use a plastic ziplock bag to line the wooden vases.
Clear packing tape is use to secure the plastic lining to the wood box vases.
Use a plastic ziplock bag to line the wooden vases for simple centerpieces for rehearsal dinner.

I simply cut the ziplock seal off at the top of the bags, and then used clear packing tape to secure the bags inside of the box, taping along the edge of the box. This important step made sure the boxes were waterproof.

Even though the boxes were waterproof with the bags, I still inserted small glass flower vases inside each wooden container to hold the water for the arrangements. I used chicken wire to make small flower frogs over each glass vase. The smaller vases and flower frogs helped to hold the arrangements into place. 

Small glass vase for inside the wooden boxes

The combination of the glass vase and plastic-lined wood container helped prevent any leaks on the tablecloths.

I could have certainly made a grocery run to Trader Joe’s for hydrangeas and eucalyptus the day of the rehearsal to create these arrangements; however, I relied on flowers from Sam’s Club bulk flower delivery to create these arrangements. I found the best deal on their bulk hydrangeas and eucalyptus, and was able to create these simple arrangements without a lot of money!

White hydrangeas and silver dollar eucalyptus for simple centerpieces for rehearsal dinner decor

Each centerpiece contained 3 hydrangea blooms and 3 – 4 sprigs of eucalyptus. I ordered 25 Member’s Mark white hydrangeas from Sam’s and they were perfect. They also offered a slightly larger Premium hydrangea for about double the cost. The regular variety was perfectly fine for these centerpieces. Once the blooms were hydrated for a few hours they were quite full and gorgeous! 

I only ordered one bunch of the eucalyptus, which was far more than needed to create these centerpieces. We were able to use the excess eucalyptus to add to the reception centerpieces and dessert tables.

Sam’s Club delivered the flowers to my door on Wednesday, two days before the rehearsal dinner, and they were in excellent condition. I simply trimmed the stems when they arrive and put them in water, and after a few hours the blooms were lush and beautiful. 

​After letting the hydrangeas rehydrate a few hours, I created these simple centerpieces.

Simple centerpiece idea for wedding rehearsal dinner with hydrangeas and eucalyptus

I added floral preservative to the water and cut the hydrangea stems to about 5 -6 inches long to create the low profile arrangements. The chicken wire flower frogs help to hold the flowers in place. I then added three to four stems of eucalyptus for a simple touch of greenery.

Sometimes simple elegance is the most beautiful, and these easy hydrangea and eucalyptus centerpieces fit that bill! The white and green color scheme looked so pretty on top of the green tablecloths in the barn.

Large white staircase in white barn venue for wedding decorated with lanterns, hydrangea arrangements, and greenery

We were able to use the floral arrangements around the venue the next day for additional wedding decor. The wedding venue had a gorgeous large staircase leading to a loft area. The hydrangea arrangements were placed with a variety of lanterns on the staircase and made quite the focal point!

Wedding Venue, Zion Hill Events, for rehearsal dinner and wedding, featuring a white barn with white draping and large chandeliers. Tables decorating in deep green tablecloths with hydrangea and eucalyptus centerpieces.

I love how the tables turned out. I wanted them to be elegant and pretty yet still comfortable and in keeping with the more relaxed, rustic feel of the barn. They were perfect for our relaxed gathering of family and close friends, yet still had a touchup elegance to them. 

The evening was absolutely wonderful and so sweet! God blessed us with gorgeous weather, and we were able to enjoy the evening outdoors, playing corn hole and visiting with friends and family. It was the perfect start to a wonderful wedding weekend!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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