How to Decorate with Topiaries: Easy DIY Decor

Do you love the classic look of a topiary? Learn how to decorate with topiaries with this easy DIY topiary idea.

Discover how to decorate with topiaries for a classic, elevated look? Learn to make easy DIY topiaries and style them beautifully around your home.

Decorate with topiaries on the kitchen buffet with fresh cut hydrangeas.

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Do you have that one piece of jewelry — a necklace, a favorite pair of earrings, a fun bracelet —  that always adds the finishing touch no matter what your outfit? A fun little piece that completes your look and make you feel pulled together?

I’m a hoop earring kind of gal. Whether I’m wearing workout clothes to walk in or in a dress heading to church, hoop earrings just add the finishing touch for me.

So, what in the world do hoop earrings have to do with decorating?

Well, nothing really (other than just looking cute while doing it), except I think topiaries are kind of like hoop earrings. When you add a topiary (or topiaries) to a little vignette it provides just the right touch and finishes off the look whether I’m styling a buffet, mantel, or coffee table!

Today, I’m sharing a fun and super easy way to create your own topiaries in just a few easy steps and with simple materials.

Topiaries are versatile enough to fit any style, from formal to relaxed. In this post, I’ll show you how to make your own easy DIY topiaries using faux greenery, sticks from the yard, and floral tape. Plus, we’ll explore fun ways to style them around your home, from kitchen buffets to coffee tables.

decorate with topiaries on the kitchen buffet

How to Make DIY Faux Topiaries:

Making your own topiaries is a fun and easy project.

Materials Needed to Make an Easy DIY Topiary:

The first step is to gather your materials to make the artificial topiaries. Head to your craft store, shop the links, or scavenge from your backyard to collect these supplies.

Step by Step Instructions:

Follow these easy steps to create your own faux topiaries.

Cut the floral foam to fit the pots
Cut the floral foam to fit the pots
Cut the floral foam and insert into the pots

Step 1: Cut the florist foam to fit inside the planters.

Use a knife to cut the floral foam to fit the planter. I used a stronger foam to glue to the bottom of the pot. I then cut another piece of dry foam above it. You can also simply cut a large piece of foam to fit the entire pot. I just used the foam that I had on hand, so combined a couple of types to secure the topiary in the pot.

Glue the foam to the bottom of the pot
Glue the foam to the bottom of the pot

Step 2: Glue the foam to the bottom of the planter.

Use a hot glue gun to put a small amount of glue on the bottom of your florist foam and secure the foam to the bottom of the planter. The glue will help stabilize the topiary in the pot. 

After gluing the first piece of foam to the pot, I then inserted the smaller piece directly above it. I did not worry about gluing this piece, because it was cut to securely fit inside the pot.

Trim the greenery for the topiary top.
Trim the greenery

Step 3: Cut pieces of greenery for the topiary balls.

I used an airy greenery garland for the topiary, and simply cut off pieces of the greenery to secure together, but you can also use little bunches of greenery such as this.

Making a DIY topiary
Attach the greenery to the top of the stem with floral tape
Attach the greenery to the top of the stem with floral tape

Step 4: Attach the faux greenery garland to the top of the sticks using floral tape.

You can either use wooden dowels or simply collect some sticks from your yard to use to create the trunk of your topiary. My sticks were approximately half an inch in diameter. You just need something strong enough to support the weight of the topiary ball. If using a stick from your yard, be sure to cut off any smaller branches.

IMPORTANT TIP: It’s best to create the topiary top and attach it to the stem before you insert the stem into the floral form. This is an important tip because if you begin by inserting the stick into the foam first will loosen in the foam as you work, and the topiary will not be secure.

I simply held the stick in my hand and gathered the pieces of greenery, attaching each piece at a time with the floral tape. You’ll find the floral tape is not overly sticky, but as you wrap it around the stem, it will hold the greenery in place. I’m using green floral tape because it’s what I had on hand, but brown tape would look better.

Work around the head of the stem, adding your greenery until you achieve the look you like.

Insert the stem into the floral foam.
Fluff the greenery ball on the topiary

Step 5: Insert the stick into the foam to create the topiary trunk.

After attaching the greenery to the stem, insert it into the middle of the foam until it touches the base of the pot.

Step 6: Shape and adjust the greenery for a realistic look.

Play around with the greenery and adjust it to make sure you have the look you like. 

Step 7: Add moss to the pot to cover the foam.

Preserved moss adds a finishing touch. You can also choose to add potting soil to the pot around the stem for a more realistic look.

More DIY Topiary Ideas:

If you love creating your own topiaries, be sure to check out these DIY topiary posts for some fun seasonal ideas.

Multiple Ways to Decorate with Topiaries

​A pretty topiary is often the perfect solution when you need a touch of classic style around your home. 

Decorate with topiaries on the kitchen buffet with fresh cut hydrangeas.

Styled on a Kitchen Buffet

Looking to add a touch of charm to your kitchen or dining room? Topiaries are the perfect choice! Try placing a pair on either side of a stack of books on your kitchen buffet. This simple arrangement adds height and greenery, creating a balanced and inviting look that’s both elegant and casual.

Decorate with topiaries on the kitchen buffet with fresh cut hydrangeas.

Plus, it’s a great way to bring some nature indoors without much hassle. Your kitchen will look effortlessly chic, and your dining room will have that classic, timeless feel.

Topiaries in blue and white pots with potted plant on wicker table on screened porch.

Arranged on a Wicker Table on the Screened Porch:

Looking for the perfect place to showcase your DIY topiary trees? Try arranging them on a wicker table on your screened porch. The natural texture of the wicker complements the topiary look beautifully, creating a serene and inviting outdoor oasis. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet afternoon with a good book or hosting a summer gathering, these topiaries will add a touch of charm and greenery to your outdoor space. 

Pair of topiaries in blue and white pots on a coffee table.

Styled on a Tray on the Coffee Table:

Try styling a pair of topiaries on a white oval tray with a stack of books on your coffee table. This arrangement not only adds visual interest but also brings a fresh, natural touch to your space. Whether you’re lounging with a cup of coffee or entertaining guests, these topiaries will elevate your living room decor effortlessly. It’s a simple yet stylish way to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that everyone will love.

Pair of topiaries in blue and white pots on a mantel

Grouped on the Mantel:

Looking to spruce up your home decor? Grouping topiaries on your mantel is a great place to start! Mix and match different sizes and styles to create a dynamic display that adds instant charm and personality to your living space.

Whether you prefer a classic, symmetrical look or a more eclectic arrangement, topiaries offer endless possibilities. They’re perfect for filling that empty space above your fireplace with greenery and style. Get creative with your topiary ideas and watch your mantel become the focal point of your room!

Shop the Look

If you’d rather shop than make your own topiary, I’ve gathered a few pretty options that are a similar look below. Just click on the pic and the link will open so you can shop. You can choose the look of an evergreen topiary or other fun options such as lavender or lemon topiaries.

SHOPPING TIP: Always buy a pair if you’re purchasing topiaries. You might not need it now, but you’ll thank yourself later if you go ahead and purchase a second topiary. A couple of topiaries styled together on a table or mantel provide a fabulous symmetrical look in a room. 

Topiaries in blue and white pots with potted plant on wicker table on screened porch.

Creating your own topiaries is not only a fun and rewarding DIY project but also a fantastic way to add a realistic look of greenery to various places in your home.

Whether you’re styling them on a kitchen buffet or grouping them on your mantel, topiaries bring classic charm that effortlessly elevates any space.

So, grab your supplies and get started on transforming your home with these delightful DIY topiaries! They’re sure to bring joy and add the perfect finishing touch to any space — just like hoop earrings!!

Happy Creating!

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