Bridal Shower Breakfast Ideas for a Lovely Bridal Brunch

Hosting a bridal shower brunch? These lovely bridal shower breakfast ideas will create an event to remember.

Honor the bride-to-be with a special bridal shower brunch with family and friends. These simple decor and menu ideas are easy to create and make the day extra special.

Bridal Shower Breakfast Ideas and Decor - Balloon Garland Arch

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The month of bridal showers continues! This weekend all the focus was on our sweet Renee as she and Kyle are just one month away from wedding day! 

My heart overflowed with joy this past weekend with all of our kids in town for a bridal shower weekend celebrating Kyle and Renee. We’re just over one month away from the big day, but this weekend was all about shower festivities and fun! We had one shower on Saturday morning hosted by a sweet friend, and Renee‘s aunt hosted another bridal shower on Sunday so we were celebrating all weekend long!

hosting a bridal shower brunch with friends

On Saturday, my closest friends treated us to a delightful bridal shower brunch, and today I’m sharing all of the wonderful details of the day from the gorgeous decorations to the yummiest food prepared and the sweetest prayers and Scripture prayed over their marriage! My friends outdid themselves on this special day, and Renee, as well as myself, felt very loved by these sweet friends!

Bridal shower brunch flower arrangements with coral tulips and white hydrangeas

The Prettiest Decor for a Brunch Bridal Shower:

My friend Janie hosted the bridal shower in her lovely home, but she had lots of help from my sweet friends. The bridal shower decor was centered around a beautiful floral theme in shades of pink, coral, and blush, and everything was so lovely! This color scheme included some of Renee’s favorites that will also be used in the wedding.

Floral printed paper plates and napkins for bridal shower breakfast

Janie found the prettiest floral paper plates and napkins and placed them on clear glass chargers at each place setting. I couldn’t find a link of the exact plates to share with you, but these floral plates are similar. We ate in her beautiful dining room, decorated with the most beautiful floral print wallpaper and vintage chandelier. 

Bridal Shower Brunch Table Decor with floral plates, pink tablecloth, and tulip hydrangea centerpieces.
Bridal shower centerpieces with coral tulips and white hydrangeas

Fresh flowers made everything even more beautiful! The tables were decorated with gorgeous coral tulip and white hydrangea centerpieces placed on pretty pink tablecloths. 

Bridal Shower Breakfast Ideas and Decor - Balloon Garland Arch

She made a beautiful balloon arch attached to a round gold frame with balloons in shades of coral and pink above her fireplace mantle. It provided the perfect backdrop for photos and for Renee as she opened her gifts. Janie also placed the sweetest floral print upholstered chair for the guest of honor to use as she opened her gifts.

Stickers of the bride and groom

My friends included so many sweet details, including the cutest stickers featuring photos of Kyle and Renee when they were around five years old. Aren’t they the cutest? It was such a nice touch, and we all had such a fun time with this idea at the shower, wearing both Kyle and Renee over our hearts and celebrating the happy couple. 

Flower cookies on a wooden tiered stand

They served the most beautifully decorated flower cookies as party favors — although some of us decided to have a bite before we left the party. These sweet treats weren’t your normal sugar cookie recipe. They were actually chocolate chip cookies, and they were absolutely delicious. 

Janie’s home is so beautifully decorated, and it provided the perfect venue for a bridal shower brunch.

What to Serve for the Bridal Shower Brunch Menu:

There are so many great bridal shower menu ideas to choose from! Since this was a brunch shower, the menu focused on breakfast dishes. A variety of quiches and frittatas were the main course served at the brunch. While breakfast casseroles are certainly great options for a bridal brunch, the quiches and frittatas were so pretty displayed on the buffet. 

Bridal Shower Breakfast ideas

My friend, Jerri, made the most delicious yogurt parfaits served in the cutest little glass jars. She makes her own granola, which she featured in the parfaits, and they were absolutely delicious! 

We also had another round of million-dollar bacon. We served this a couple of weeks ago at the bridal shower brunch I gave for my sweet friend, Hallie. It’s getting to be a habit in our group to serve this delicious treat. 

Fresh fruit skewers and a tiered platter of the best donut holes rounded out the meal. Everything was served on the prettiest buffet table! 

I always love a yummy bridal shower punch, and the citrus punch served in a pretty punch bowl was just perfect!

Bridal Shower Brunch Table Decor with floral plates, pink tablecloth, and tulip hydrangea centerpieces.

Lots of Gifts:

Renee and Kyle chose a lot of great gift ideas on their gift registry, so the gift opening was lots of fun! They received lots of wonderful things for their home, and I know they’re looking forward to getting everything set up just the way they want it. Two of my favorite gifts were …

This Modular 6-Piece Serving Set from Crate and Barrel. It’s such a versatile piece for entertaining! I love the removable dishes for arranging the tray however you like depending on what you’re serving.

And this Marin Blue Large Oval Platter, also from Crate and Barrel is just beautiful! It’s a great size, and the color is gorgeous!

Kyle and Renee

Fun Bridal Shower Theme Ideas:

When it comes to planning a bridal shower, it can be fun to select a theme for the event that sets the tone for an unforgettable celebration based on the bride’s personality and interests. Whether you choose a more elegant and timeless theme or go for a more whimsical and adventurous look, choosing a shower theme can help direct your decor, activities, and menu choices. Here are some fun themed bridal shower ideas you might want to consider.

1. A Garden Party 

Transform your venue into a lush garden oasis with fresh flowers and vibrant greenery. This theme is perfect for outdoor settings and celebrates the beauty of nature, making it an ideal choice for a spring or summer bridal shower.

Bridal shower breakfast centerpieces with coral tulips and white hydrangeas

2. Vintage Romance Affair 

If the bride loves vintage, transport guests back in time with a vintage-inspired bridal shower. Incorporate delicate lace, antique decor accents, and soft pastel hues to evoke a sense of old-world charm.

3. Boho Chic Celebration 

Embrace free-spirited vibes with a bohemian-themed bridal shower. Think dreamcatchers, macrame decorations, and eclectic patterns. This laid-back yet stylish theme suits close friends and family members who appreciate a relaxed and whimsical atmosphere.

4. Tropical Paradise Escape 

Bring the tropics to your bridal shower with a vibrant and lively theme inspired by exotic destinations. Decorate with tropical blooms, palm leaves, and colorful fruits to evoke a sense of paradise. It’s the perfect choice for a bridal shower brunch menu featuring fresh fruit and refreshing drinks.

Ideas for a bridal shower breakfast

5. Parisian Glam Soiree

Channel the romance of Paris with a chic and sophisticated bridal shower theme. Incorporate Eiffel Tower motifs, French-inspired cuisine, and elegant black and white decor. It’s a great way to celebrate the bride’s love for all things glamorous and luxurious.

Bridal Shower brunch

6. Rustic Elegance Gathering 

Combine rustic charm with understated elegance for a bridal shower that exudes warmth and intimacy. Utilize natural materials like wood and burlap, complemented by soft candlelight and fresh flowers. This theme is ideal for celebrating the bride’s down-to-earth personality and love for simplicity.

Bridal Shower Breakfast ideas

While the decor was just perfect, the food was delicious, and the friends and family gathered round were all so special; one of the sweetest moments of the shower was when friends and family prayed Scripture over their marriage. Janie selected the sweetest verses for us to read and pray over this precious couple, and it was such a special moment in the shower.

Bridal Shower Brunch with Friends and Family

Most of all, it was a wonderful day shared with family members and close friends who love Kyle and Renee so much! It was a beautiful day with lots of beautiful people, and that’s what made it the perfect bridal shower brunch!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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