A Pretty Summer Throw Pillow DIY

Are you ready for a splash of color this summer? This hand-painted summer throw pillow DIY will add the perfect summer color!

Follow along for a fun pillow DIY for the coolest summer throw pillows!


Summer Throw Pillows


Are you a fabric nerd like me? I love fabrics, and I love throw pillows, so I just may happen to have a stash of fabric that I’ve accumulated for just the right pillow project.

Fabric for Summer Throw Pillows


I’ve had this pretty floral fabric onhand ever since I purchased it for next to nothing when my favorite local fabric store shopped carrying bolts of fabric – which is a sad story in and of itself …

However, I’ve been holding onto this pretty floral for a while and just decided to add these to our summer pillow mix. 

But, I couldn’t stop there.

I had a couple of plain off-white pillow covers lying around that were just begging me to paint them! 


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Pink and Green Summer Throw Pillows


I thought it would be pretty to do a pink one in a fun bamboo trellis design.


Brunschwig Fils Les Touches Green and Off White Decorative image 1
Brunschwig Fils Les Touches from Etsy


I also love these green pillows, and I decided to do my best to pull off a similar look with paint.

So on this rainy day, I whipped out the fabric paint, gathered some brushes, and got to work!

I started with the pink bamboo trellis pillow.


How to Paint a Pink Trellis Summer Throw Pillow:

I used an 18 x 18 inch pillow cover, because it’s what was available. Normally, on my sofa I like to use 20 x 20 inch pillows, but the 18 x 18 inch would suffice.

I ironed the pillow cover first.


Measure the lines


The next step was to mark off the lines for the trellis. I used a brown paper bag as a guide for how far apart I wanted the lines. I marked them in both directions.


Measure the Lines for the Trellis


Next, use Frog Tape to tape off the lines in the first direction for a clean look. (I later decided I wanted the lines to feel a little more hand-painted than crisp, but I’ll get to that later.) 


Paint the lines


I mixed pink, red, white, yellow, and little brown fabric paint together to achieve the color I wanted.


Paint the pink Trellis lines


Paint the lines with a stiff paint brush. I used a stencil brush for this, but used brush strokes along the tape lines instead of the dabbing stencil technique. The paint covered very well and went on quickly, so I didn’t use much of it.


Add Some Red Accents to the Pink


Summer Throw Pillow DIY


I used a fan brush and some red paint to add some detailing and dimension to the lines. I removed the tape and let the paint dry for a few minutes.


Tape off the Trellis Lines


Next, I taped off the lines in the opposite direction, and repeated the painting process above.


Painted Bamboo Design


Pink Trellis Summer Throw Pillow DIY


After removing all of the tape. I used the red paint to add in some details to create the look of bamboo. I also mixed the red in with the pink and brushed along the lines to add some dimension to them. 


Painted Bamboo Details


Pink Bamboo Trellis Pillow


I decided I wanted a more hand-painted look so I brushed along the edges of all the lines so they didn’t look quite so clean and crisp.


Pink and Green Summer Throw Pillow DIY


I love the result! The pink bamboo trellis is such a pretty look paired with the floral print.


How to Paint a Green Spotted Throw Pillow:

I love this Brunschwig Fils Les Touches pattern, and especially love it in green. I wanted to add a little more green to my sofa pillow-scape this summer, so decided to mimic this pattern on a blank pillow cover.

I used a combination of green, red, brown, yellow, and white to achieve this color. I found that using a small stiff slanted paintbrush allowed me to easily create different sizes of “spots” on the pillow cover.


Paint the Green Spots


I started in the middle and made some smaller strokes.


Paint the Green Spots


Then, I moved out toward the edges and added in some lines of larger spots. I then added in a few more spots here and there to achieve the look I wanted.


Add some green shading to the spots


Summer Throw Pillow DIY


As with the pink trellis pillow above, I blended in some yellow with the green to overlay some additional color to create some dimension in the spots.


Green Spotted Summer Throw Pillow DIY


Green Spotted Summer Throw Pillow DIY


I love the look of the green painted pillow! 

Not too bad for a quick summer project on a rainy day!!






Summer Throw Pillows


I love how the hand-painted summer throw pillows turned out! It’s fun to try out something new, and I hope this inspires you to create something fun on a rainy day this summer!

Happy Summer!


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  1. Gorgeous through pillows for sure. Had I more space I will add some but we just moved into a tiny basement suite and unfortunately am unable to add anything more to our home. I love what we have, it’s more than sufficient, but I have made a pledge to myself, that when one item gets added then 2 others need to make way.
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  2. Kim… I love the colors and prints you chose to create your summer diy pillows! Thanks for the tutorial, too! I’m happy to be featuring your post at Tuesday Turn About this week! Pinned… twice! 😉

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